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I'm willing to share.

The trees were very scarce. That man didn't give me his name. He plays tennis every day. Chet is waiting on the porch. Herb isn't even in the race.

Give me the mic. What was it you wanted to ask me?

Anna loves chocolate. If Todd knew how to swim, she would go to the beach more often. I should like to go for a swim. Betsy and I can't afford to buy all the things we need. Decide the register. I'm beyond happy! Venkata is just frightened.

It would be crazy to climb that mountain in the winter.

Vote for him. Emily is busy right now. Takao jumped out of bed. My hands began to sweat.

Kenton knows what this is. I've warned you over and over again not to do it. I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy. Are you resentful towards your parents? His lecture started on time. I offered him a blowjob, but he said that he wasn't in the mood. He is my brother, not father.

Leung is the only one who can do it. Leon and Bret's wedding anniversary is today. If we see any utility in a plant, we help it to grow. Where does this road lead? He was admitted to that school without taking the exam. Gregg and Raphael aren't at all compatible. It's such a beautiful day. Have you talked to Bertrand yet?

Vinod followed me here. We saw him do it. He contributed a lot of money to the charity. David was very rude to Fritz. I want to be the best swimmer in Australia.

How long do you think it'll take me to get to Boston? I think you might need to study a little harder. Julie received a Christmas card from her brother in Italy. The two of them split up. Upon hearing the news, she broke down crying. I had a feeling you'd be here. Flags of the world fly proudly at the United Nations headquarters. I've already tried that once.

I didn't get her autograph. Ban Ki-Moon needs to find $40 billion for his project. Frederick doesn't know his date of birth. The time will soon come when Japan will distinguish herself in winter sports. What we did was unnecessary. There is cranberry juice in the fridge. Lynnette told the child to mind his father. How bad is it really? I still have to find someone to help me.

Money is a big bother: you can live neither with it nor without it.

My father was completely bald by the time he was forty. Varda is lying on his bed, reading. Sidney only accepted partial responsibility. I'm asking for your help. Even though Bertrand translated the letter for Konrad, she didn't bother to read his translation. Willie just showed up for work. It's never too late to start learning foreign languages. Tuan and Ahmed are cleaning up. I know the situation.

The thief entered the house at the back door by the open window. Both of my parents are musicians. You shouldn't have given Lenny a gun. Suddenly, it became noisy. Her warm personality adds charm to her beauty.

You should exercise more. I don't really know anybody in town except Sanford.